Taking Action on Key Issues:

At the heart of Gay Valimont's campaign is a commitment to addressing the critical issues that affect our community and nation. With a passion for progress and dedication to making a positive impact, Gay is focused on tackling these challenges head-on. Explore the key issues that drive her campaign and learn how she plans to create change

While navigating the terminal illnesses of both her husband and son at the same time, Gay got a real-world education on the importance of accessibility and affordability of healthcare. Every person should have access to the care they need without wondering if they can afford to save their own life or the life of a loved one. Universal, affordable, quality health care must be a priority.

Gay will fight to:

  • Expand Medicaid
  • Protect Medicare
  • Defend the Affordable Care Act
  • Reduce prescription costs
  • Ensure that all Americans have access to quality doctors, preventative health care, and treatment for their physical and mental health

The preservation of our coastlines through proven environmental protection measures is essential to safeguard Florida’s natural beauty and diverse ecosystems that attract tourists, support our local businesses, and make up our homes. Florida is especially vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, including sea-level rise and more frequent hurricanes.

Gay will fight to:

  • Invest in clean energy infrastructures
  • Conserve public lands and natural habitats
  • Prioritize clean water initiatives and enforce regulations to prevent pollution in rivers, lakes, and coastal areas
  • Address climate resilience through infrastructure investments, flood control measures, and coastal protections

We must ensure that all American children have access to the best education possible, no matter their socioeconomic status. This begins with providing high-quality, affordable pre-kindergarten education for all children nationwide, offering a strong start to their academic journey. Gay is committed to ensuring fair and equal access to accurate educational materials. She believes in creating safe environments in our schools, where all children can learn without fear of discrimination.

Gay will fight to:

  • Increase funding for public schools, with a focus on schools in low-income areas to reduce disparities in educational resources
  • Provide educators with competitive salaries and professional development resources
  • Ensure students have ample opportunities to pursue higher education without the burden of a lifetime of debt

A thriving democracy is built on the principle that every eligible citizen’s voice should be heard. Gay will strive to create a more inclusive, equitable, and robust democracy where every eligible voter can exercise their right to vote, participate fully in our political process, and have confidence in the integrity of our elections. Together, we will build a stronger, more representative democracy that reflects the will of the people.

Gay will fight to:

  • Defend and strengthen the Voting Rights Act to prevent discriminatory voting practices and protect vulnerable communities from voter disenfranchisement
  • Invest in election security measures to protect our democracy from foreign interference and misinformation
  • Reform campaign finance regulations to reduce the influence of big money in politics and amplify the voices of everyday citizens
  • Institute automatic universal voter registration for all eligible citizens upon turning 18, as well as same-day voter registration and online registration to eliminate barriers to participation

All Americans deserve to live full, free, healthy lives. We must ensure that all people, including women, minorities, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ+ Americans, and Indigenous persons have equal access to housing and healthcare, educational opportunities, access to credit, and safe working conditions. All aspects of our government must be committed to the rule of law and equal protection for all Americans.

Gay will fight for:

  • Access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare and the right to choose
  • Equal pay for equal work and closing the gender pay gap
  • Policies that address racial and ethnic disparities in education, criminal justice, and economic opportunities
  • Ensuring LGBTQ+ rights through anti-discrimination measures
  • Upholding disability rights through accessible infrastructure and inclusive policies

Florida is currently experiencing a housing crisis. Soaring housing and insurance costs have caused homelessness to skyrocket, particularly among our most vulnerable citizens like seniors and veterans. Despite laws prohibiting renting and lending discrimination, people of color continue to face barriers to home ownership and rentals. All Americans must have access to safe and stable housing.

Gay will fight to:

    • Incentivize the construction of affordable housing
    • Expand rental assistance for low-income families
    • Close the racial homeownership gap
    • Support legislation like the Place to Prosper Act – which would reduce rent increases, make evictions more difficult, and ban source of income discrimination

Gay has an unwavering commitment to the largest military population in Florida who proudly call District 1 home. Her step-father was a disabled Navy veteran and knows first hand the struggle VA care can be. Gay also recognizes our military bases as vital components of our community with value that extends well beyond their military functions as they bolster local economies across the district, generating jobs and fostering growth. We must and will protect our military and veterans.

Gay will fight for:

  • Comprehensive mental health care for past, current, and future veterans
  • Legislation that guarantees veterans have easily accessible and cost-effective healthcare choices
  • Initiatives that facilitate veterans’ transition to civilian careers and bring improvements to the G.I Bill
  • Strategies to prevent and address veteran homelessness, including providing access to transitional housing and supportive services
  • Environmental measures to safeguard our bases against natural disasters.
  • Obtain Federal funding for a full VA hospital for District 1

Gun violence is a deadly public health crisis that demands action. With more than 120 gun fatalities occurring every day, we cannot rely on thoughts and prayers alone. To address this crisis, we must take immediate and comprehensive steps at the national level. At the core of our strategy is legislation to strengthen background checks for all gun purchases, a critical measure to keep firearms out of the hands of terrorists, domestic abusers, and violent criminals.

Gay will fight for:

  • Universal Background Checks on ALL gun sales to close existing loopholes and ensure every sale includes a thorough background check
  • Strengthening and expanding Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs), commonly known as Red Flag Laws, to empower concerned family members and law enforcement
  • Making sure provisions from President Biden’s Safer Communities Act are enforced. Including closing the dangerous “boyfriend loophole” that allows individuals convicted of abusing their dating partners to legally retain registered firearms
  • Investing in evidence-based Community-Based Violence Prevention programs and initiatives.

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